Startup Companies

Startup Companies

Gave up my senior mangement role to become an enterpreneur more than 10 years ago, founded my first company in 2007. Idea is good but execution is gold! I work with Startups to help them find their feet. We offer them one window solution that entails tehnical development and digital media/management. As as mentor for startups to prevent them from making the same mistakes I made as a young enterpreneur.

eCanuks Global

eCommerce, Mobile Apps & Social Management.


MQ Technologies

Software Development, eCommerce Enablement, Digital Media, Business Intelligence.


Ask for task

Online Market Place for household chores.


Apps Hub

Free to download Mobile Apps on Food and Immigration.


Data Dig

Digital Data Management for Companies.


The way management treats associates is exactly how the associates will treat the customers.

"Sam Walton"

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29 Mar 2019

Mississauga Startup Challenge

Innovation know no age or creed, had the opportunity to be amongst the panel of judges for Mississauga Startup Challenge and five shortlisted companies, amazing talent and pitches.

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21 Feb 2019

Innovation Coaching Series Part 4 – Individual Innovation

The human mind is amazing, I found out about Neural Networks 25 years ago when it was offered as an elective during my Computer Science days! All ideas are great, but how to make them work is an achievement.

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11 Feb 2019

Innovation Coaching Series Part 3 – Innovation in the Public Sector

Innovation in the Public Sector Public sector is the largest contributor into the economy of any city, state or country. Embedding innovation will kick start the innovation eco-system and will have a spillover effect on the private sector, as it…

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