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Entrepreneur, who understands the pains of start ups. I have first hand experience! Our group helps companies to cross the 'Digital' Bridge. Help them build their eROI and transform their processes. Mentor of Startups, Business Intelligence, E-commerce & Change agent for Canadian companies looking to overcome marketing automation challenges to sustain & grow market share.

Converge Technologies

Converge Technologies is a leading provider of technology-based marketing solutions and a digital media agency, which has experienced remarkable growth since its inception in 2007. Standing at the forefront of a digital revolution, Converge Technologies provide its clientele a unique and creative approach to expand the horizons of their business on the digital media. Over the years, Converge has successfully set new benchmarks for the entire industry and has played a vital role in radically improving the state of Pakistan’s digital media industry.


Converge provides a wide array of services which includes digital media integration, content development, integrated marketing, mobility, technology enablement and value added services. Having had the honor of working with multinationals and high end brands of Pakistan, Converge has brought in a plethora of revolutionary ideas on the digital media.

  • Digital Media: Converge helps organizations mark their presence on digital media and help devise digital media marketing services that facilitate organizations reach a wider customer base.
  • Integrated Marketing: In order to ensure a comprehensive and detailed marketing for our clients, we ensure that all potential platforms of Integrated Marketing Strategies are effectively incorporated in your business’s communication with the target customer base.

  • Content: Being the pioneer in the field of content, the content department at Converge is undoubtedly the back bone of the organization, thus offers a one stop solution for all the Content Writing needs in all the standard formats.
  • Value Added Services: The importance of Value Added Services has grown rapidly over the past few years. Converge, being closely associated with telecom industry in Pakistan, provides its customers the VAS options which complement the core service offerings from a company.
  • Mobility: Being the pioneer in the Pakistan mobility industry, it provides the complete and best Mobile Enablement Solutions under one roof.
  • Technology Enablement: Converge aims to work with your business like its own, whether large or small, new or existing, we envisage to help you make the best use of the available technology.

Strength does not come from winning.
Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through
hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength

“Arnold Schwarzenegger”

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18 Jun 2019

We the North Day

#WetheNorthDay; Historic win by Toronto Raptors. Its all red today, I am honored to wear VanVleet number, the player who personifies Raptors as a team and a way of working. Odds are against you,

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29 Mar 2019

Mississauga Startup Challenge

Innovation know no age or creed, had the opportunity to be amongst the panel of judges for Mississauga Startup Challenge and five shortlisted companies, amazing talent and pitches.

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21 Feb 2019

Innovation Coaching Series Part 4 – Individual Innovation

The human mind is amazing, I found out about Neural Networks 25 years ago when it was offered as an elective during my Computer Science days! All ideas are great, but how to make them work is an achievement.

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