I’m a tech innovator!

Life History

Having a vision is great, but having the ability to translate the vision into company and build a team is what great leaders do. People should believe in your vision and you should be able to make them understand what role they will play in the entire frame of things. If you are able to sell your vision to them mske them own it, make it their vision, this is when companies grow.

2014 Onwards
President & Founder MQ Technologies Inc | Mississauga, Canada

MQ Technologies helps companies build their digital e-commerce ecosystem by increasing their online presence. We offer a complete range of services, from Development to Digital Media, SEO, SEM, BI Services. Our partnership helps companies to increase, sustain and grow their businesses. We understand the limitations SMBs have and work around whatever budgets they have to facilitate a customized solution. Most of our clients want to invest in new technologies but are unsure, so we set a digital roadmap for them with clear milestones to achieve success. Our message is simple, you have to leverage digital, the only question is how. Let us guide you.

Dec 2015 – May 2016
Chief Operating Officer at AskforTask Inc | Toronto, Canada Area

Manage expansion from a startup to an established entity with expansion in Canada and globally. Build teams to manage the growth, build SOPs, lead and monitor innovation and convert consumers into sustainable revenues.

Aug 2014 – Dec 2015
Chief Marketing Officer at AskforTask Inc | Toronto, Canada Area

Building Online MarketPlace for Global expansion. Working on building end to end digital ecosystem for Askers and Taskers. This includes demand generation, fulfillment processes, build web/mobile platforms, setup payment solutions, team hiring, running digital campaigns, data insights & building future digital road map for the company. In simple words, disrupting the market!

2007 to 2014
CEO & Founder at converge technologies (pvt) ltd.

Founded Converge Technologies in 2007 and converted it into premier digital agency in Pakistan, with over 125 employees. It was acquired by WPP in 2012. Established the digital roadmap for some of the leading clients in the country.

Deputy GM-Product at Telecard Limited

Headed product division for Telecard Telecom, Worked on data, internet services, wireless local loop services. Headed the product development team.

Head of Sales & Marketing at Philips

Worked as Head of Sales and Marketing for Philips Lights in Asia Pacific Region. Led the team which researched and developed Philip Essentials Buld link back in 2000, which turned out to be leading selling SKU in the world.

Work Specialities

With over 20 years of experience in in Technology, Brand Management, Sales and Digital Media, has made me a an intersection of many facets. I use this diversity to innovate and solve problems.

  • Tech geek, will solve a problem using the available technology, its not perfection, its getting the work done.
  • Efficient resource manager, will allocate and manage resources available, minimum wastage.
  • Team builder, love inspiring people to go all out.
  • Digital Media expert.
  • Technology enabler.
  • AI advocate and implementor.
  • Love brand management, its personification and campaign building.
  • Innovator, convert idea into a working business model.
  • Love life and cherish what we have.



I love life and want to help others do the sames. Am a Blood Donor and a register Organ Donor. I respect values of others and really appreciate the diversity in Canada. Best interlect is accumulating here and our next generations will be smartest in the world! A die hard Raptors Fan, follow Manchester City and Premier League and pssionate about Cricket. Have played several sports, so it runs in my blood.