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Innovation Coaching Series-Part 1

These are a set of conversations amongst industry leaders around innovation, intended to help individuals and companies to answer some critical questions around it:

a. Why Innovate?

b. Who needs to Innovate?

c. How to build an Innovation Culture?

d. What are the first steps for company leaders and individuals should take to promote/adapt innovation?

In this series, we will talk to Innovators, Industry Experts, and Change Manager and try to unravel the innovation process. No one solution fits all here, this is why Innovation Coaching is essential for growth. Following are top six steps in nurturing Innovation:

1- Seek Inspiration And Challenge The Status Quo

2- Motivate To Innovate

3- Empower The Team To Question Everything

4- Seek Those Who Are Customer-Oriented

5- Engage In Diverse Learning

6- Create A Culture That Tolerates Failure

We will address each one in our future series. Please stay tuned in.

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