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Canada becoming the EpiCenter of Cross Cultural Innovation

Cross cultural incubation always produces results that are global and incorporating the creative thinking that comes with teams of different backgrounds. Having multiple experience of managing such teams, you always get fascinated by some different thinking patterns work. Key is to make each and every team member to feel inclusive and important. Once the comfort level is reached, the productivity starts.

Canadians are truly multicultural, not only embracing communities from all over the world but facilitating them to make them feel at home. It is and will be the epicentre of cross-cultural creativity and innovation.

Just an example, my daughter’s immunization notice is in the following languages, here is the list: 1.English, 2. Albanian,3.Bengali, 4.Chinese S, 5.Chinese T, 6.Croatian, 7.Farsi, 8.French, 9.Greek, 10.Gujrati, 11.Hindi, 12.Italian, 13.Korean, 14.Malayalam, 15.Polish, 16.Portuguese, 17.Punjabi, 18.Russian, 19.Serbian, 20.Sinhala, 21.Somalian, 22.Spanish, 23.Tagalog, 24.Tamil, 25.Telugu, 26.Urdu, and 26.Vietnamese.
All arranged in English alphabetical order.

This is just to make you feel welcome and make you feel inclusive.
Hats off! O Canada!

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