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Having a vision is great, but having the ability to translate the vision into company and build a team is what great leaders do. People should believe in your vision and you should be able to make them understand what role they play in the entire frame of things. If you are able to sell your vision, make them own it, make it their vision, your company will grow.

It is imperative to understand that along the path, there will be ups and downs. As a leader, you need to let your team own the up while you own and learn from the DOWN. You learn more from setbacks, and getting back from them defines the character of the team. Successful companies continually build this character.

Coaching your team and building new leaders is important for the growth of the company. The plan is to coach a team, identify the leaders, train them differently and make responsibility a priority in their minds. Real leaders will grab the opportunity with both hands while others will be reluctant to take the lead. Determining the strong individuals in your cohort is vital for the growth and sustainability of the company. As the saying goes, “Change the person, or change the person.” Creating a competitive environment will produce the strongest workers.

Through the myriad of experience I have with starting companies from scratch and building them over the years, I have reaffirmed the old adage. Human capital is the greatest asset a company can have. People can make the company but leaders drive it.

My sales training has equipped me to be a go-getter, set high goals that I plan to achieve through leadership skills and dedication.

Life History

2014 onwards

President & Founder MQ Technologies Inc
Mississauga, Canada

MQ Technologies helps companies build their digital e-commerce ecosystem by increasing their online presence. We offer a complete range of services, from Development to Digital Media, SEO, SEM, BI Services. Our partnership helps companies to increase, sustain and grow their businesses. We understand the limitations SMBs have and work around whatever budgets they have to facilitate a customized solution. Most of our clients want to invest in new technologies but are unsure, so we set a digital roadmap for them with clear milestones to achieve success. Our message is simple, you have to leverage digital, the only question is how. Let us guide you.

Dec 2015 – May 2016

Chief Operating Officer at AskforTask Inc
Toronto, Canada Area

Manage expansion from a startup to an established entity with expansion in Canada and globally. Build teams to manage the growth, build SOPs, lead and monitor innovation and convert consumers into sustainable revenues.

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Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.

"Zig Ziglar"



I love life and want to help others do the sames. Am a Blood Donor and a register Organ Donor. I respect values of others and really appreciate the diversity in Canada. Best interlect is accumulating here and our next generations will be smartest in the world! A die hard Raptors Fan, follow Manchester City and Premier League and pssionate about Cricket. Have played several sports, so it runs in my blood.


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