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8 Ideas That Must Die for Digital Business to Thrive

Key Challenges
Few enterprises have achieved the growth, profitability and other benefits digital technology holds for them.Traditional business practices keep leaders from finding and acting on the most valuable opportunities and threats.Executive leaders will not come close to achieving the full potential of the digital business unless they lay aside old ideas that are holding them back and adopt new paradigms instead.

Executive leaders seeking to drive digital business transformation:

Reexamine your organization’s culture, structure, ways of thinking and assumptions, looking for the eight old ideas identified in this document. Choose one or two for your function to act on within three months.

Run workshops, including fellow executives, to identify these and other obstructive ideas that hinder your business’s progress.

Drive new paradigms down into the organization by drawing attention to old ways of thinking about business when your direct reports exhibit them. Encourage your reports to adopt new ways of thinking and to do the same exercise with their direct reports.

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