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Year: 2020

Looking to establish, implement and scale an Omni Channel Online Selling Strategy?

Looking to establish, implement and scale an Omni Channel Online Selling Strategy?

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Holiday Season 2020, Know your customers

Prepare for the holiday season and know your customers and plan accordingly.

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Online Omni Channel Strategy Helps

It pays well if retailers have an Omni Channel Strategy, and having Online Omni Channels are key. Investing in Online platforms will pay off and they did for companies like Walmart, Amazon & Loblaw

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Huge opportunity for Pakistani Retailers to successfully enter the international e-commerce market in North America.

Presented Direct to Customer Strategy for North American Markets to innovative and progressive members of Chain Store Associations of Pakistan.

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Pivot to Survive

During the Covid time, businesses need to pivot, adapt and be agile to survive and convert an obstacle into an opportunity.

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Simple Innovations Apple cashing in Airpods:

Sometimes innovations just need to solve a problem, give comfort to consumers. #%AirPods. The wireless earphones made the company an estimated $7.3 billion (£5.6 billion) in revenue in 2019

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Since the pandemic, Google’s parent company Alphabet pulled out of deals to acquire more than two million square feet of office space.

From startups and tech giants to more old-school Wall Street firms, businesses are rethinking the role of office space and whether they even need it.

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Leadogo selected for QICSI 2020

What a privilege to be working as one of the founding members of Leadogo, pitching to Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre #DDQIC and being selected for QICSI 2020 Program.

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8 Ideas That Must Die for Digital Business to Thrive

Few enterprises have achieved the growth, profitability and other benefits digital technology holds for them.Traditional business practices keep leaders from finding and acting on the most valuable opportunities and threats.

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Amazon Go, its trending!

Amazon Go, it’s trending!
Amazon Go experience! From facial recognition to auto-checkout, the Amazon team has done an amazing solution build-up using problem elimination technique.

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