HII am a tech innovator and entrepreneur!

Trust me when I say, I understand the pain of startups. I have first hand experience!

We have created a movement to help companies cross the ‘digital’ bridge. This entails building their eROI and transform their processes to boost clientele and sales. I pride myself as a mentor of startups, business intelligence, e-commerce and a change agent for Canadian companies looking to establish themselves in marketing and keep up with their ever-changing consumers. We work with startups from ideation level to launch, growth and expansion. Our consultation also includes helping established companies expand their online sales and maximize their client revenues through business intelligence tools.

I have over 22 years of experience in brand Management, eCommerce, digital media, mobile services, telecom & on-demand economy. Proud to say that I have founded several successful companies and worked on both digital strategies and the online presence of some of the best brands in the world.

I consider myself a doer. I understand teams, can help in building, leading and being a part of a large team. I mean, I have taken a bullet on the chest and survived. Global brands need to customize their message regionally to making marketing more complex and ROI a more relevant measure.

Brands are scrambling to find the best mix of media to interact with their customers. Interaction is two-way street. Brands are better off assessing their feedback through online business intelligence data rather than research agencies.

Dedication and appreciation for the job made me give up my senior management role to become an entrepreneur more than 10 years ago. I founded my first company in 2007. My motto is that having an idea is good, but the real execution is gold! I regularly work with startups to help them establish their brand and online presence. We offer them a one window solution that entails technical development and digital media/management. As as mentor, I prevent new startups from making the same mistakes I made as a young entrepreneur.

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Digital Media & Digital Asset Development

Brands are scrambling to find the best mix of medium to interact with they consumers. Interaction is two-ways, so brands nned to listen also, this time not from their research agency only, but instant direct feedback through Google Reviews and Tweets. Global brands need to customized thier message regionally to making marketing more complex and ROI more relevant measure.

Working and worked with globally/regionally renown brands and managed and developed digital platforms. Am part of this evolution process.

Startup Companies

Gave up my senior mangement role to become an enterpreneur more than 10 years ago, founded my first company in 2007. Idea is good but execution is gold! I work with Startups to help them find their feet. We offer them one window solution that entails tehnical development and digital media/management. As as mentor for startups to prevent them from making the same mistakes I made as a young enterpreneur.

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18 Jun 2019

We the North Day

#WetheNorthDay; Historic win by Toronto Raptors. Its all red today, I am honored to wear VanVleet number, the player who personifies Raptors as a team and a way of working. Odds are against you,

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29 Mar 2019

Mississauga Startup Challenge

Innovation know no age or creed, had the opportunity to be amongst the panel of judges for Mississauga Startup Challenge and five shortlisted companies, amazing talent and pitches.

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21 Feb 2019

Innovation Coaching Series Part 4 – Individual Innovation

The human mind is amazing, I found out about Neural Networks 25 years ago when it was offered as an elective during my Computer Science days! All ideas are great, but how to make them work is an achievement.

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